The Thinker

One of my favourite artists is Auguste Rodin. He was well known for being a sculptor, but I really love his drawings, they are full of life and movement.
Many years ago as a student at college I went to visit Varenne in Paris and the Rodin Museum. It is a beautiful old building set in elegant gardens and it houses Rodin’s work both inside and out. I remember having a picnic on the grass with my friend H, and we ate gorgeous French bread, fresh tomatoes and cheese – it was such a simple meal but one which I will always remember because of our surroundings.

I have been looking at my old photographs, which are all in black and white, and I have done a painting based on one of them of “Le Penseur”, ( “The Thinker”).

    It is acrylic on canvas, with collage and stitch, and is 600mm x 700mm.
I have also had framed some other sketches based on drawings by Whistler (click to enlarge).
They were painted on an old French composition book which had seen better days.

It was exciting getting the work back from the framers. They are going to go in an exhibition in a couple of weeks.
 I am slowly but surely trying to amass a body of work, and maybe, just maybe at some point in the future I might have a solo exhibition. I have been to life drawing again today and I am gradually getting back into it.

I need to Think less, and Do more.

6 thoughts on “The Thinker

  1. Love the Cambodian dancer sketches too, and all the really exquisite life drawings with a watercolour wash over them. I will definitely return there one day.

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