Give me the child at seven…

 “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man,”

This Jesuit quotation by Francis Xavier, formed the basis of the documentary “Seven up!” .
First recorded in 1964 it follows the lives of a group of fourteen seven year olds from various different backgrounds. Every seven years as many of the group as possible are interviewed again to see how their lives have progressed. The next one “56 Up” is due to be filmed in 2011/2012.

I remember seeing this programme on the television a few years ago and found it really interesting. It has been on my mind again because my littlest love has recently turned seven. Wow – my baby boy, in Year Two now, how time files.

I wonder what life will hold in store for him? He is a sunny little chap, with not one, but four wobbly teeth just waiting for the Tooth Fairy to swoop down and work her magic! He is very independant, strong willed and yet I can see the influence his brother and sister have had on him. He has just started playing football on a Saturday for a local team (wanting to emulate big brother), and says that when he grows up he wants to be a “pianoist”.
“You mean pianist darling”, I say
“Don’t kid me Mum, it’s definitely pianoist!”

Did I mention willfull?

His sister has taught him the basics on the piano and he can now play “When the Saints Go Marching In”, with two hands, and the intro of “I’ve Got A Feeling”, by the Black Eyed Peas!

It makes me wonder if he would have always had these interests or if he has definitely been influenced by his siblings? I guess I’ll never know. One thing that he also loves is Maths (he certainly doesn’t get that from me, as mentioned before Maths isn’t my strong point), and says that he would like to be a famous maths teacher. Why “famous” beats me.

It makes me smile.

I hope he gets to fullfill his ambitions as he gets older, and I wonder if they’ll change again along the way?
Age about seven I remember wanting to be a mermaid (ironic as I didn’t learn to swim until I was about eleven, maybe that had something to do with it). I remember always being fascinated by the notion of a creature that was half woman, half fish, sitting on a rock, combing long wavy hair, and they often used to feature in my drawings as a child. Oddly enough I never became a mermaid…

Can you remember your seven year old self, what were your ambitions?

14 thoughts on “Give me the child at seven…

  1. That is really interesting, about the origins of 7 Up. Just as well you never became a mermaid, otherwise you might not have that 7 year old now – or you might have about 400 7 year olds swimming about. I wanted to be in the RAF.

  2. My friend said that her little boy used to watch with delight when the bins were emptied and said (age 5) that he was going to go to college – and then be a dustman. It could happen…

  3. Steve – See I love that! It's so good to have something that makes you tick. Drawing, painting and sewing were always my escape as a child. If I got a box of Crayola Crayons I'd think I was the luckiest girl in the World. I can even smell them now.I love the style of your writing, you definitely have a talent.

  4. didn't realise you had a 7 year old too! Sounds different to mine, although he is willfull too . . I have no idea what I wanted to do or be at 7. In fact I think I was still trying to figure out what life was all about!!Lovely painting you did as a gift :)Amelia.x

  5. I've only just seen your question, Suzanne. The picture on my blog is of a Bomber Command crew which I found in a government book from WW2. The bloke staring out from under the 'P' in Stephenson turned out to be my father, who was a gunner. He survived being shot down in a Wellington, and was then poisoned by a German spy!

  6. TheMadHouse – not boring at all. If it rings your bell then that's all that matters.I too cannot believe how fast they are growing up, time seems to go even quicker when they are at school as well.

  7. When I was seven I wanted to work in a sweetshop (for obvious reasons!) and my hubby wanted to be a lorry driver. Needless to say we turned out to be none of these things! Hope your little one gets to do something that makes him happy – that's the key.

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