Not your average "Hoummus and Pitta"

“Hoummus and Pitta”

One of my daughters closest friends was eighteen a couple of days ago, and this was my gift to her. I did it after my life drawing class on Tuesday as I was feeling inspired. It is based on a photograph taken of my daughter and her friend at my 40th birthday party.
They have been friends since they were eleven and met at Secondary School. I have watched them both grow into amazing young women, and L has a special place in my heart.
She is like one of the family and has seen the best and worst of me.

 They decided to nickname themselves “Hoummus and Pitta” because they had it so much as a snack after school, before their dance class. Hoummus and pitta bread go so well together, and so do they. I think it’s a real blessing to find good friends, and my daughter has been lucky to make many at school, which have carried on through to sixth form college.

The painting is acrylic on canvas and is a mere 6″ x 6″. I really enjoyed painting it.
 Happy Eighteenth gorgeous girl!

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