Antony Gormley’s "Another Place"

On the last week of the holidays we visited Crosby beach, near Liverpool. I have been there before but really wanted the children to see Antony Gormley’s sculptures.

Up the sand dunes to the sea.

There are 100 cast iron life size figures at various points along the sands and into the sea, and they look out towards the horizon. Each figure weighs 150kilos and was cast from the artist’s own body.

There is a brilliant park nearby for the children and also a cafe, which was closed when we went. It was great to be by the sea and an added bonus to look at these serene figures. Windy, wild, but well worth it! We combined it with a trip to  Knowsley Safari Park, which is a blast from my childhood past and only about twenty minutes drive from Crosby. The boys thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the baboons jumping all over our car.
The lions were my favourite, they were lazing around, realxing in the late afternoon sunshine. They were so beautiful.
The boys loved the baboons. You can do a car friendly route or opt to drive through their patch which can definitely cause car damage, this little monkey was trying to bite our washer nozzle off, but fortunately didn’t succeed. The boys thought they were hilarious. We had a great time and saw lots of animals just roaming round.

4 thoughts on “Antony Gormley’s "Another Place"

  1. I really like Anthony Gormley's work. The sculptures must have quite a presence and nice that they all look out to the horizon. I must try to see them myself some day.Looks like you got pretty close to the Lions! Sounds like a fun trip.

  2. Steve – enigmatic is agreat word to describe them. I found them really fascinating as some are buried further into the sand than others.Mummy Zen – they definitely do have a prescence but not at the expense of the scenery, I think they almost make you value that particular area more.potterjotter – I wasn't sure about the baboons either – they freaked me out ! ha ha

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