Back to school (for all of us)

Everyone went back to school/college today, and to be honest I will be quite pleased to have some structure back in my life.
My artist in schools work will start up again over the next few weeks, but I have made a commitment for one morning a week. Something just for me. I went into this beautfully renovated building:

    Looking for this sign…

Today I attended the first life drawing class I have been to since I was at college, twenty odd years ago.
I was tentative at first and did little piddly sketches, but by the end of the two hours I was really into it.
Totally absorbed, the time flew.
My last drawing on the easel.
The space is gorgeous, really light and airy.
The class was run by neoartists. They also have a floor in the building to use as an exhibition space, as well as another two galleries in the centre of town. My work is in the gallery pictured below. They are galleries run for artists by artists.

14 thoughts on “Back to school (for all of us)

  1. Sea Angels – thanks for the comment.It's really exciting to be part of their group, and they have lots of great things planned for the future.Steve – the space is awesome, perfect for drawing.

  2. Fantastic resource to have. I've been meaning to get out there and join a life-drawing class for ages too, but never seem to get round to it. Like you, it's a long, long time since I last did any and you're putting me to shame now – maybe it'll be the kick up the backside I need!!

  3. Tom – Thank you.I have done some drawing, but not of anyone naked, it's a great discipline.If I was at home I get too easily sidetracked, so to sit and draw for two hours was bliss.Jen – Thank you x Jude – I can only encourage you to get out there and do it, but I completely understand how hard it can be juggling little ones. Mine are all at school now, so I feel the time is right for me, (but it's been a long time coming).

  4. what a wonderful committment – we all need one like this 😉 I too have signed up to a little taster class for a possible evening course this term. This time of year always brings a feeling of new exciting beginnings for me.Good luck and great work :)Amelia.x

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