Festival Fun?

So today I am sitting reading “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert ( the film is released soon and I want to read the book first). The rain is poring down outside and tinkles into a metal pan on my wood floor, as it drips through the velux in the kitchen. Mmm.

I am quite chilled though. I love to hear the rain drumming , nay bashing, against the velux windows when I am curled up on the sofa inside reading.

My little one is excited because his friend is coming for lunch and to play, and he has just made a car out of his Lego and is mighty proud of it. He is seven in a few weeks and has just announced that he wants more Lego for his bithday. I love Lego. We have two massive boxes that contain the remnants of his brothers Harry Potter Lego, and I love the creations he comes up with.

The rain does hold one concern with me at the moment.


My daughter goes to the Leeds Festival on Thursday and will be camping for four nights. The weather forcast for Thursday is not good. Heavy rain and wind. Joy.

Her wellies are at the ready, but am I?

I need your help please.
Has any one got any advice for:

1. Calming neurotic mother down – (er yes that would be me, clearly not as chilled out as I think I am) ?
2. Festivals?
3. Wet weather camping ?

Think I might just need to face the fact that she is going to get soaked, muddy and cold, but hopefully will have a whale of a time with fab music and her buddies.

Secretly wish I was going (but without the camping) 🙂


5 thoughts on “Festival Fun?

  1. You and I should be great friends. I am an adult lover of Lego and have a collection which even I'd admit is excessive. In fact there is a link to my Lego blog on my main blog page.As for your questions:1) valium and / or vodka.2) day visit don't sleep over.3) don't.;-)

  2. Dont worry about the festival she will find ways to get dry and warm – the WRVS tea tent is always a good one! Send her with babywipes, black sacks for all the wet and dry things and wellies!

  3. Steve – Lego… what more could a child, or for that matter a grown up want? Up until a few months ago he was happy just to build randomly, but has now discovered Lego city and follwing the instuctions, made his car in quicksticks.RE: daughter, she has paid copious amounts of money to camp for four nights in probable rain!TheMadHouse: Would love to see the WRVS tea tent! Thanks for your advice x

  4. Festivals and teenagers! Just let them do it their own way and hope for the best. Even at their age, its tiring, uncomfortable, damp, dirty, and great fun. They usually sleep for a week continuously when they get back!

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