My work was accepted!
The exhibition opens tommorrow and runs until mid October.
Will post some more info and pictures of them in the next few days.

Thankyou so, so much for all your positive comments, they really do mean a great deal to me.

Suze xxx


23 thoughts on “Result…

  1. WrightStuff – Wahay indeed!Cheers hun muummmmeeeeee : imagine that! but would you be icognito or would I finally meet my brilliant writing blog bud in the flesh? Hope the latter, you could still wear dark glasses and a moustache, tee hee x

  2. wooo! woop! wooop! you da bomb dog! sorry just been watching American Idol and Randy Jackson is kind of infectious(like a virus). congrats on the exhibition, details please. what did you end up calling it? is it open to the public, if so where and when? I think you deserve a cuppa, well done.

  3. Potterjotter – Thanks for the lovely comment. Nausea actually still there a bit (I am a complete wus), but give it a few days and I'll be fine.Joebloggs – you're very exciteable! Is it you Zeph (Next)? If you're the right Zeph you know what I mean, if not sorry for being obtuse and thanks for the positivity!

  4. So pleased for you hun, see you are a ninja! Your work is so brilliant they would of been fools not to of chosen you, they're the lucky ones to be showing

  5. Came to your site after you commented on my blog post. Your artwork is wonderful, and from one Suzanne to another I think we are blessed with a creative name. Just need to find my focus in the way you have!

  6. oh well done you! I am not surprised your work was accepted!!! It is fantastic and I particularly like the embroidery suspended in the drawer. I am working on some furniture inspired pieces after going to the New Decor Exhibition at the Hayward in London recently.I hope it leads to many more fantastic places for you!Amelia.x

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