Not a particularly nice title for a post but it really sums up how I feel today. You know when you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach, when you are about to do something that is completely out of your comfort zone.
Today I have finished my artwork and will be going to town later to submit my work for the “Nostalgia” Exhibition. Any one would think I was submitting work to the Tate…I cannot believe how nervous I feel. A “guest curator” will decide yay or nay, and I am thankfully at the stage where even if it’s nay, I will knuckle down and still carry on down this creative path I have set out for myself. My husband sort of rolls his eyes at me, he’s heard it all before. I seem to constantly be putting myself in situations which  will suddenly scare the pants off me.

“You’re a Ninja,” he just says, “you will be fine.”.

But I have butterflies.

Here is what I will be submitting, the only thing I haven’t thought of yet are titles. I don’t like the thought of having to name my work, but it’s a requirement. I guess material wise they will be classed as mixed media, there is embroidery in there but there is also photography, cyanotype, paint, found objects… (click to enlarge pics).

Completely inspired by the legend that was my Dad. He absolutely loved serving in the Navy and would always say that his Naval days, though harrowing at times, were some of the best of his life.  When my daughter saw this she said, “I’d love that in my house when I’m older can you make one for me?”
So this is for her – I couldnt ask for a better home for it.
She was seven when her grandad died and I was so touched that she would want this.
Inspired by family , poetry and the power of words, it contains a quote which is so apt for me at the moment :
“I have spread my dreams under your feet; tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”
                                                                                                                                                       WB. Yeats.
Finally I am going to submit my old piano stool drawer with the embroidery suspended within it.
Will find out on Monday. Have a lovely weekend.

21 thoughts on “Nauseous

  1. TheMadhouse – thanks for the comment. I was gobsmacked that she even liked it.Steve – Thanks for your encouragement. I love the fact that there are people who I have never even met sending me positive vibes. It means a lot. The power of the blogosphere.

  2. I can't imagine that they won't be snapping these up – the stories behind them are bursting out and the detailing is incredible. Next step the Tate! I went to the Tate in St Ives last year. I can't say I was that impressed. There were lots of 'weird' things that didn't really speak to me of anything! I saw far better art in all the little art shops.

  3. Well, you said that your legend was your father, and there are boats involved, and there was that quote from Yeats about 'treading softly' on them, so I just chucked it into the pot.

  4. WrightStuff – Thanks for your comment. It's such a personal thing isn't it – what speaks to you and what doesn't? I'd love to go to St.Ives one day, another for my list iof places to visit.Tom – Absolutely – head in the clouds far too often (but I do like it there).

  5. WOW!!! they are all beautiful pieces, my fave has to be the piece in your piano stool, magic!lets hope this will be the first exhibit of amny, ive a feeling it will be hun, xxxx

  6. How about that, I was just reading your post when your comment to me popped up! Thanks for sending your love, I'm sending you all the luck in the world for Monday, you deserve it sweetheart xxx

  7. Sarah – didn't find out on Monday, so hopefully it will be today or tomorrow. Will let you know when I find out, the exhibition is due to open on Thurs so it must be any day xxx

  8. I think all three pieces have so much character and beauty. I love the story behind the first one, especially that your daughter would like it. I think the second piece is my favorite — there is something about the composition that I really like. Good luck!!!

  9. Hope you are successful – you certainly deserve to be – the work is beautiful. But … if not … at least you tried and another door will open and you'll be back out of your comfort zone again, cos that's the only way to do it!

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