Words (again)

ABC’s of Life (R.Stewart, 2005) Click to enlarge.
I look at these words every day, but wonder how many of these I actaully live my life by. I try but sometimes xeriscaping is difficult! (major brownie points if any one has the time or inclination to look it up). I hadn’t a clue this word existed until I saw it on here.  “Harm no one” also tested today.
I have been creating this week in preparation for submitting some work for the exhibition. The pesky cat often decides to visit me at some inconvenient moments. I had just painted the canvas on the floor (yeah I know I should have done it at my desk), when she came in and proceeded to walk on it, thank goodness missing my embroidery. Only just – it would have been ruined. 
 Note to self : Don’t paint canvases on the floor.
“Scream at no-one” might be good addition to ABC’s of life.

Off to see “Step -Up” tonight in 3D. Five ladies, teenage film, is that wrong?
 Can’t believe it’s Friday again tomorrow. Where does the time go?
Hello to new followers too 🙂


4 thoughts on “Words (again)

  1. Steve – It was sooo cheesy, but good.Tom – 'Dream'- It's a good one to be committed to. I am a real dreamer, but also work hard to try and make some of them come true.

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