Talking the talk…

..time to walk the walk.

I have just been accepted as an associate member of a local arts group.

They have amazing studios above the shops in my local town, a room where you can use the facilities to make frames, printing press facilities etc. My friend H ,who is a painter, showed me around a few months ago and I felt waves of excitement surge through me as I peeped into various artist’s rooms.
 I am happy working in my little room at home, but being a part of a creative community will be fantastic, and although I won’t have a studio there I will be able to use the facilities, and exhibit with them.

They have several exhibition spaces in town and are also in the process of boarding out an old small shop with a view to holding solo exhibitions there.

The next exhibition which will run from the end of August to October will be around the theme of “Nostalgia”, and that fits in perfectly with some of my ancestral work. I am allowed to submit up to three pieces of work, and they have to be ready for next weekend, to be considered for inclusion.

Although I have classed myself as a freelance artist for many years, I have never really put my work “out there”. My work for skybluesea is out there, and although it is me, it’s a more commercial side to me. I think I am finally reaching the stage where I want to show my other stuff, things that I have posted about on here but also art which is brewing inside my mind, that I need to create.

I have pinned some bits up on my wall that I might work from,

 and I also keep looking at my wedding dress which I mention in this post, which also belonged to my mum. I have photographed details from it this morning and have found a somewhat ghostly picture of me which I might use, and one of my mum.
         I have wiped down some cobweb coated frames which were in the shed and a piece of wood.
   Think I can find uses for them.
         Well that’s me kept out of mischief for the next few days. Wish me luck.

7 thoughts on “Talking the talk…

  1. Congrats on the arts group acceptance. I'm sure it will be a good move. There's nothing like the support of like-minded people to push and inspire you!

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