Mel C and me

This week has been a great, if not slightly surreal, week. I have had my first sales on Etsy (yee-ha), and then today my daughter, son and I got the opportunity to meet Mel C at a pampers event . Wow! All because a few months back I started writing this blog.

 I had no idea at the time how many opportunities would open up to me. This week pampers (I used their nappies with all my three) invited me to the launch of their Never Ending World of Play, helping parents develop babies skills through play, and Mel C is championing the event. They have also introduced a new slimmer nappy the Active Fit with DryMax.

We got to the Trafford Centre in Manchester and I was instantly greeted by the smiling  Amy and sandy calico, fellow mummy bloggers, they had both already had a chat with Mel, and met her daughter Scarlet.

So then it was my turn and I can tell you I had jelly knees! I am not particularly big on celebrity culture, but coming face to face with this lady who has had so many amazing life opportunities and such success, I suddenly felt nervous.

No Need.

She was so natural and down to earth. I introduced myself and told her a little bit about me and that I was an artist. My question for her was,

“How has having Scarlet impacted on your creativity?”

“Ooh good question,” she replied.

She then went on to say that having Scarlet has given her confidence. Yes she has had a really successful career but she feels a new found courage, and wants Scarlet to be proud of her. She then said “How about you?”
We agreed that it’s scary being creative and putting your stuff out there, you open yourself up to critisism and judgement, but there’s something about having a child that made us both say, our confidence has increased and you just think ‘Stuff it, this is me, this is what I do.’

 She was very engaging.

She also let my daughter ask her questions too.

She was thrilled, as a little girl she loved The Spice Girls, and to have the opportunity to ask her about the music industry was amazing for her.

Not one for posting pics of me, but I met Sporty Spice!
Thanks Pampers and thanks Mel – I had a great time.

12 thoughts on “Mel C and me

  1. We've just been there today! My 2 boys are a little old for it now, but still wanted to go inside to explore. They were pleased with the balloons they got too, even though they both lost them in the Trafford Centre within 10 minutes.

  2. Hard to spot the celeb on that picture suze!!Bet you had a lovley day, mel and elle look very at ease with each other, sounds like she was impressed with your question…she probably gets sick of, "spice girls" questions!!! xx

  3. Steve: She has an amazing voiceJude: Mmm, think I "lost" our balloon. Wish I'd have bumped into you.Fran: Thanks for the comment hun. You are the first person who knows me who has left a comment. It's weird not knowing who reads this blog, but also kind of liberating at the same time. Glad you came to visit xxxWrightStuff : I know! We had a great time.

  4. Lovely to see you again and your gorgeous family. Sorry we had to rush off, but the boys were getting restless! Wasn't Mel lovely?! Great photos. I'm waiting for the official ones before I write my post, there's a girl picking her nose in the background to the pics on my camera! x

  5. oooh lovely to see you and how interesting! Having kids does give you a strange kind of confidence I think. Well done on your etsy sale!! yee hoo! Thanks for lovely comment on my blog :)Amelia.xPS been meaning to email you back for aaaages and not got round to it!!! I will!

  6. Amy – we've been wandering around all weekend singing, "I tell you what I want, what I really ,really want" Ha Ha xAmelia – No Rush – I know you are busy bee xxx

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