RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

On Sunday my friend and I went to Tatton Park for some gardening inspiration.
The weather was fine, just clouding over slightly as we lunched. We must have been lucky because as we were leaving it started to rain. Anyway a few of my fave things below.

8 thoughts on “RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

  1. The later looks amazing and featured on a programme on TV last week. I love the sustained colours and tones of the sculpture and the fact the flowers compliment the mood of it.

  2. Steve: I really liked both the sculptures.The first one reminds me of a wave, I love the pebbles, and lavender never fails to delight me.I enjoy the symmetry of the other – it was very zen like.WrightStuff – amazingly I was very restrained, and came away plant free. Full of inspiration though.

  3. Tom – Yes they do. Think it's the whitewashed walls and the vibrancy of the flowers. Wish I was in a Greek garden, it's chucking it down here.Amelia – Hope your exhibition is going well x

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