Glimpses of My Garden (Part Two)

Antique silver fork with the word “grow” stamped into it which my friend bought for me.
Runner beans, peas, carrots and beetroot.
For the past few days it has rained and rained, hopefully filling up our local reservoirs and giving the garden a good drink.
In a week or so I will be able to post some pictures of our attempts at growing some veg, fingers crossed they will be ready to eat.
The children break up from school on Friday and it would be lovely for the sun to shine again.

Really chuffed today because I have sold my first blueprint , or cyanatope flower picture from not on the high street.

I did them some time ago and didn’t know if they would sell or not, but now I feel inspired and when the sun comes out I can create some more. Bring it on.

9 thoughts on “Glimpses of My Garden (Part Two)

  1. Well done on the sale. I have to say the garden is looking wonderful Suzanne. I am sure the veg will be great too. The boys break up on Thirsday, I too am hoping for sun.

  2. Am so envious of your garden – I just can't find the time to grow veg anymore, but it was fun whilst the kids were little. I have a fine selection of weeds which I may photograph and post about though ;(

  3. Your garden is so beautiful! Especially the big yellow sunflower! Your flowers are gorgeous too! I have more veggies than flowering plants and I am always exciting on harvest time.

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