My first Mummy Blogger meet up

 chippidi day my oh my what a wonderful day!
This is a sponsored post.

Today I actually got the opportunity to meet up with some other lovely mummy bloggers, courtesy of my local bakers,Warburtons and Clarion Communications.
I attended a coffee morning at Cafe Couture at Manchester Museum and got to try out the new wholegrain snacks “Snackadoodle” and baked pitta chips called “Chippidy DooDaa”. Funnily enough I actually bought some of the ChippidyDooDaa’s on Monday to have with some dips, and they are yum, (whilst also containing no artificial ingredients, hydrogenated fats or MSG). The Chilli Jack flavour are my faves.

I was so happy to finally meet Amy and gorgeous baby F. Her blog was one of the first mummy blogs I started following . She always appears so warm and friendly and is exactly as I imagined she would be in person. I also got the pleasure of meeting AandE Mummy, I asked her what her blog was called and she told me, I then asked her if she was a nurse,
 “Yes” she replied,
 “which department do you work on?”,
 “A and E”, came the reply back.
 Oviously Suze – think about it. Doh!!!! Talk about making a good first impression.

Everyone made us feel really welcome, lots of re-fills of drinks and I felt very looked after. There was colouring in for the children who had come along with mummys, and it was just generally lovely to meet lots of new people. Apologies if I didn’t get around to speaking to everyone, I did try.
Thankyou to everyone involved in organising the coffee morning.

 I then went here for lunch with my friend.
 I also saw this sign and it made me giggle …

No not me – maybe next year (tee -hee)
So over the weekend I will be checking out lots of new blogs, munching my way through my goodie bag, which Warburtons kindly gave us, and lazing in the bath with my other goodies.
Hope you have a great weekend too.

8 thoughts on “My first Mummy Blogger meet up

  1. Sounds good, Skyblue – I must get a bag of them crisps… I spent many a happy hour tormenting Ansuman Biswar, who was holed up in the tower of Manchester Museum last year, but this is a bit off the point! I heard (on R4) that the Mummy Blogger sites are getting VERY popular. That is good news.

  2. Tom – Can't imagine you tormenting anyone 😉 The snacks are fab, better with dips I think. Mummy Bloggers are certainly in the news at the moment and Amy,pictured above, was one of the bloggers who read out one of her posts on Radio 4.Sandy – likewise, it was great to meet up x

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