Not just a load of scribbling (honestly)

A completely different project to the one in the last post. Exploring mark-making and emotive drawings with a group of year three children.
We were lucky with the weather and the first two sessions were done outside. The children (whole class of 30) were given a range of things to mark-make with, charcoal, pencils, pastels, putty rubbers, water-soluble crayons, paints. They were then asked to simply experiment and use stencilling, frottage (rubbings of surfaces like the grasses, trees, bricks etc), use small movements, big arm movements, small paper, large rolls of paper, textured paper, smooth paper, collaborative work and individual work.
Working in small groups I also asked them one by one, to come up with a feeling or emotion, and then they had to try and draw this feeling using only marks and colour. They could then, if they wanted to, share with their group what they felt they had represented. It was a great way to open up lines of communication and get them to express themselves.
Very much about exploration, trying out new things and understanding that not all art has to look like something or be pictoral. Art can also be about expressing what’s inside you and what you’re feeling. It was great to be part of a project where the teacher and teaching assistants were totally on board, and we made a fab team.
We also experimented on fabric.
Above -silk-painting – so interesting to see how different each child’s work is.

3 thoughts on “Not just a load of scribbling (honestly)

  1. Tom – Definitely born artists – I wonder when all the insecurities develop and why? Unfortunately it seems to be getting younger from my experience.Steve – Absolutely. Play and creativity, seem to give way to responsibility and work as we get older, but I really still just want to play….

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