My Happy List

Amelia from 101birdtales has tagged me. I have to list 30 things I like. I think most will have already featured in my blog somewhere or another. I don’t think that my list is as poetic and so beautifully written as hers, but here goes…

1. Big hugs from my children and husband.
2. Quiet time – just time for me to be alone, enjoying a moment.
3. Wandering about my garden with a cup of tea.
4. Watching the veg that we planted from seed suddenly start to look like we are going to be able to EAT it.
5. Creating – having a “flow” moment when I am completely immersed in creating something, and I lose all     sense of time.
6. Tapas, meze, or any other food where I can try out lots of different dishes.
7. My husbands Sunday roast – he make the best gravy – ever.
8. Being by the sea , the sounds, the smells, the feeling of “ahhh bliss”.
9. Trees – especially really big old trees. Sheltering under their shady coolness.
10. Sitting in front of our fire when it’s blowing a gale outside, snuggled up with a good book or my little one on my lap.

11. The cat. She is one weird feline – but she loves me, and comes and sits with me without fail at some point every day.
12. Spending time with old friends, who know all about me and my ways, and still want to be a part of my life.
!3. New friends – I have made quite a few recently, new mums at school, fellow bloggers… they are like a breath of fresh air.
14. Candlelight.
15. Watching with awe and love as my children develop and grow into such different characters.
16. Lazing in the bath, just contemplating life, and playing with the water.
17. Family gatherings, where we eat good food, get giddy, and my mum and brother start laughing ( very infectious).
18. Music – I have an eclectic collection, and music can instantly lift my spirits.
19. The written word. I love simple lines of words and quotes, which stop me in my tracks and make me think.
20. Dancing – full on – not a care in the world, lost in the moment dancing.

21. Playing tennis with my buddy then having brunch afterwards, and catching up on her week.

22. Going to my BodyBalance class.
23. Writing my blog. I have no illusions about the writing on my blog – I am not particularly gifted in that area, but there is something that I really enjoy about documenting things. It’s out there, in the virtual ether.
24. Fairy lights – just love their twinkly gorgeousness.
25. Working with children. This makes me happy on many levels. They ‘cut to the chase’ and I love that.
26. Random acts of kindness. When someone appears out of nowhere and helps you out totally unexpectedly, or I do something which I know has lifted another persons day.
27. Photography – I love taking the pictures for my posts and hope to get better.
28. Hand made textiles. I am a very tactile person, so things that are beaded and embroidered ring my bell.
29. The smell of fairy cakes baking in the oven.
30. You – whoever you are, taking the time to get to number 30 on my list 🙂

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6 thoughts on “My Happy List

  1. Ah, lovely – no. 20 really made me smile. And thank you for the tag – I shall do my best. I got your message on BMB through my gmail. Would have loved to cone but it's O's 6th birthday and I'm on birthday alert. It's mine on Thurs – a busy time for us all! Let me know when the next one is. I'll be there…

  2. Ohh such a great list of happiness moments! I love them all and agree with so many on your list – my one little heartache is that we don't have a fire to enjoy on those cold wintry days, but apart from that I can relate to pretty much all your happy moments!Thanks for sharing with us,Denise x

  3. This is beautiful. You make me feel like going and doing a couple of those too now, and I LOVE fairy lights (I left that off my list!) and also Random Acts of Kindess – I need to do more of these . . . . . Amelia.x

  4. PotterJotter – ha ha, will look forward to reading it.Steve – Definitely, and it's often the liitle things that make all the difference.Fenngirl – Hope he has a lovely day – you will be busy I'm sure!a bun can dance – Thanks for the comment – I'm glad that you can relate :)Amelia – thank you – you made me stop and reflect , which is always good x

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