The Lions Den

Thought I would show you the schools project I have just finished. I was commissioned to work with each class in school to produce banners for the school hall. It is a Church of England school, and they wanted twelve banners representing Christian values, a banner about Noah’s Ark, one inspired by Daniel in the Lion’s Den, and six that represented other faiths. Phew! The children and I explored  ideas until we came up with a design that we were happy with.

  Here is Daniel and some of his feline friends by Year One.
The lions seemed to take on a life of their own.
We used fabric paints, marker pens, applique, embroidery and lots of glue.


Reception’s work
they also did this felted piece, representing “Peace”
Silk painting Year 5 – modelled by my beautiful assistant for the week (thanks Charlotte!)
       Details from some of the others       

4 thoughts on “The Lions Den

  1. That's some really fantastic work. I think I'd love working on a project like that too. Went into my son's school on Friday to view their work. Their theme this term has been countries playing in the world cup and the sport itself naturally!

  2. WrightStuff – what a great way to teach them geography as well!Steve – The children's drawings were full of character, bearing in mind they are only five and six years old, and the lions were so different.TheMadHouse – They are inspiring

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