Twelve Things (for Lobster and Swan)

 I first mentioned Lobster and Swan in this post and today I have discovered that I am gracing the pages of her blog. I am beyond excited – I know, I know, hardly life-changing, but I have just loved her blog for so long. The post was in response to a request of hers for people to send in pictures of twelve of their possessions that, were they starting over, they would want to take with them. So I sent pictures (click to enlarge) of :
The most beautiful way to open a bottle, two little hairclips with stones missing that I love and wear anyway, a bulldog clip that is always in my work room holding something up, heart stones found on the beach by my loves, memories of friends and family.
I also cheated a bit, I think my quota was up, but I couldn’t resist including…
my beautiful fairy light strewn tailors dummy. She was bought for me as a surprise by my hubby over twenty years ago. She lights up a corner of my dining room and I love her, she’s like one of the family, but very well behaved, and never answers back…
Thanks for including me Jeska x

18 thoughts on “Twelve Things (for Lobster and Swan)

  1. What a lovely idea! That photo of the tailors dummy really does light up the page! I'm taking a break from work and doing the rounds. This was the perfect post to relax me. Back to work now…

  2. Steve: Indeed – not all roses either, but then that's life.WrightStuff – Glad you like herDedeWarren – thanks for visiting and for the lovely commentTheMadHouse -she one of many dummies in this house đŸ˜‰

  3. oh wow – how lovely, and it's such a stylish and delightful blog. And you've included some gorgeous pieces. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog too :)Amelia.x

  4. Suzanne…This is Suzanne from Shabby Chicks. I had the giveaway from Chani at blanc et caramel for The Glittered jar full of french goodies…and you won!!!!! How cool…a British Mummy of teens won a giveaway from an American Mommy of 2 teen girls:)Congratulations…I am going to post about it now. If you will email your address, as soon as I get the package from Chani, I will have it on it's way to you! My email is shabbychicks@gmail.comand by the way…I love your blog and have a feeling I will LOVE your shop!!!

  5. I love your 12 items – and the idea behind it…now I'm thinking myself…what would I take…? your blog is beautiful – and thanks so much for visiting mine and leaving a sweet noteamy of four corners design

  6. Love your beautiful collections of such special items to you. Sometimes, i add some new stones to my jewelry with missing stones- or even use a drop of pearlized nailpolish in the empty places- always does just the trick to cover up those missing jewels.

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