“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings.”
                                                                                            Hodding Carter Jr.

Yesterday my daughter flew to Dublin as tonight she is performing,with the youth dance company she is a member of, at The Pavillion Theatre.  No pointe shoes tonight, just lots of spectacular contemporary dance. I am ever so slightly envious, I have never been  to Ireland and would love to visit and I have heard some amazing reports about Dublin. Maybe when she returns we will have to plan a visit together and she can show me the sights.

I hope that she has an amazing time and comes back having had a fantasic experience. It’s strange, at the moment I have one child whose provisional driving licence has just come through and another who has just learnt to ride his bike – talk about opposite ends of the scale!

 Next week she is also off to Birmingham, where the same dance company have been shortlisted for the final of U-Dance, England, and we are going to watch them. Can’t wait.

Wishing you every success my love. I am so proud of you, and glad that you have found something that you love to do. x


14 thoughts on “Wings…

  1. Hope it went well last night, all lovely memories for her. Sending lots of luck for Birmingham.Congrats to the little one for learning to ride his bike xIreland's on my list of 'need to go there' places, could we maybe organise folding me in to your suitcase when you go?xxx

  2. Steve – True. Some people might think it's wrong to encourage her to go into such a competetive field, but I say "Go for it", life's foe living and I encourage her to follow her passion.Sarah: Never mind folding you into my suitcase, maybe it should be a blog buddy rendevous for the future?TheMadHouse – She had a great time thanks, and really looking forward to the weekend.andflowerspickthemselves : thanks for visiting – your blog looks really interesting.

  3. Lovely post and gorgeous blog, I really like your work, especially the Sea cards…..I came here from BMB- you replied to my thread about twitter 🙂 I see you also follow my friend Amelia CritchlowRachel x

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