When is a cuppa, not a cuppa?

When it’s a beautiful cup and saucer filled with scented soya wax, and lovingly made by TheMadHouse.

I first mentioned my love of  tea cup candles in this post, but never got around to making them myself. I don’t need to now. I can enjoy their vintage prettiness and scented beauty, and then when the wax has all melted I can use it for tea – double whammy! I just love them. Thanks Jen.

6 thoughts on “When is a cuppa, not a cuppa?

  1. Steve : I think they are welcoming and quirky, and just love the anbiance they create.Tom: Ha ha – you made me laugh out loud – I love that "Two Ronnies" sketch – classic!TheMadHouse: They are beautiful, thank you.

  2. ah now, what a lovely combination – I've seen these around I must say but not bought one, but I do love a nice candle (and vintage tea cup!)Amelia.x

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