Game on …

So here’s me being challenged, yet again, by my fourteen year old. Thankfully, on this occasion, it was to try and get the ball off him. The picture does make me think of all the challenges that may lie ahead with him, and how my parenting skills will match up to his adolescent angsts. Last time we were here was in August last year and he has grown about five inches since then. He can now eyeball me, and I know that it’s only a matter of months before I’m looking up at him. Game on indeed.
 Next year he probably won’t want to be seen anywhere near me on the beach, so I enjoyed our moment.
Incidentally he and my husband nickname me “Monica”, as in Monica from “Friends”, because, they say, of my competitive nature. How rude! Me, competitive – as if …

6 thoughts on “Game on …

  1. Lovely pictures hun, you're lucky he doesn't mind 'being seen' with you yet, Ned has walked a few paces behind me for some years! 16 now and she doesn't seem to mind any more which is odd as I'd rather not be seen with me most days! x

  2. wonderfull!I am treasuring the momments with my boys being so young as i know it will not last and they will become teenagers and want to hang out with friends instead of mummy. Such lovely pictures too.

  3. Yep, we went through that teenage thing, but once they're into their early 20s they're over it and don't mind being seen in public with you again – its just one of those many phases! Love your textiles by the way.

  4. TheMadHouse – your boys are at such a gorgeous age, it's weird to imagine them as teens isn't it?Sarah – your daughter looks like someone to be proud of – I love her blog!Pip – I'm glad you treasure those moments – I know everyone says it but they grow up so quickly!PotterJotter – now I can't imagine mine in their 20's – surreal.Muummmmeeeee – I think my husband would be delighted if I was like Monica on the tidyness front!

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