Guess where we’ve been?

We have just got back from a wonderful week in Abersoch, Wales. We have had an amazing time and the weather was really hot and sunny – hooray!

This day reminded me of the old AA advert below (really showing my age now!) – it used to make me laugh. 

Will be back soon with lots of other sea-side lovliness x

6 thoughts on “Guess where we’ve been?

  1. How lovely,It brings back memories of my childhood as I lived not far from Abersoch, if you look inland you see a hill with a short sqat tower( we used to call it the "jam pot") and we lived in the farm at the foot of the hill for 8 years in the 70's. We loved growing up there going to the small school, the beach and exploring the countryside….aaahhh halcyon days my friend halcyon days! Im glad you had a good time and look forwards to more images please.. I so need to go back there!

  2. Wrightstuff – and you're a very, very "nice" blogger!Anon – Great comment. Glad it brought back good memories, will post some more pics soon.MadHouse – It was a simple, yet divine, holiday.Glad you remember that advert too!

  3. is that the advert where the dad asks where the child burried the car and he says… "it's in the Sand!!!!" Looks like a lovely place… i will be googling that later to see about a holiday there myself. looks like you are abroad!

  4. Pip – Yes that's the advert – a real blast from the past!P.S. It felt like we were abroad – the weather was so lovely, and it is one of favourite places to go.

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