Glimpses of my garden

I am really loving our garden at the moment, it holds such promise. My sweet peas are doing well, no flowers yet, but they are thriving. My clematis is in full bloom and provides a welcome splash of colour at the bottom of the garden where my blue-bells have started flowering. The wild garlic is very happy under the Sycamore tree, and although it has spread a little (it can spread like wildfire!) it doesn’t seem too wild.
Inspired by The Edible Garden I have planted dried peas (40p from the supermarket) and amazingly they have started sprouting, they are intended just to be used for salads as pea-shoots. I really enjoyed this series and loved the fact that she loves flowers and wanted her garden to look beautiful as well as provide her with lots of goodies to eat

The lawn needs some TLC, as does the bench. I have bought some cream paint and am planning on painting it when  I can work up the enthusiasm to sand it. Hubby has made a long narrow bed out of decking and we have planted green beans, carrots and beetroot. We have also got tomatoes growing in our new green house which we put up a couple of weeks ago complete with plastic windows so the boys can still play football and not cause too much damage – she says, fingers crossed.


10 thoughts on “Glimpses of my garden

  1. I'm way down south and the bluebells are looking very sorry for themselves now, I'm gonna miss those guys!Bench looks great, step away from the paint! :DLovely pics xxx

  2. Sarah:Ha ha – you made me smile "step away from the paint and don't make any rash moves!"my hands are up!You've got me thinking now – it does look lovely , in a very weathered sort of way…and I hate sanding…we'll see x

  3. I've been away for a week and the garden seems to have had a crazy growth spurt – it all looks so lush (but maybe that's just because I've been in Greece)! Wild garlic is so lovely and apparently it doesn't make your breath smell – not sure I believe that though!

  4. oh it's lovely when we can begin to appreciate the wonder of the garden again. I too have enjoyed the bloom of flowers and bit of planting. For the first time ever I planted sweet peas, and have recently planted them in the garden – they do look a bit sorry for themselves – I wonder if I am doing something wrong.Thank you for the inspiration. I painted my bench white but I do believe it probably needs another coat now!Amelia.x

  5. WrightStuff – very envious that you have been in Greece, hope you had a lovely time.Amelia – I have planted out three lots of sweet peas and the ones that seem to be doing the best aren't in full sun, will be looking forward to them flowering x

  6. Gorgeous garden Suzanne – I feel inspired to go out and take some snaps of my own!I love the smell of wild garlic – the woods around me are rife with it at the moment and I love the contrast between its earthy smell and the faint aroma of the fading bluebells x

  7. Muuummmmeeee – think i might make some soup out of the wild garlic – well if it's there might as well eat it.Planb – How lovely! Just live with it for a while, and then see what it inspires you to do.

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