Allium angst!

I love alliums, there is something so majestic about them towering over the other plants. So straight and tall but with that wonderful ball head of flowers. The purple allium above was my one and only. I get the feeling that one of my boys kicked the football really hard and completely lopped the head off. He says not – mmm, flowers and my boys just don’t go – but I will not give up.
I ordered another allium from crocus along with some other plants. They all arrived safe and sound apart from the allium which arrived with its head also chopped off! Aaaargh! I found a home for it and have still been able to get some pleasure out of it in my hallway. Crocus were great and have sent me a gift voucher…
but do I dare buy more alliums?

6 thoughts on “Allium angst!

  1. Alliums are a dodle to grow from bulb, plant in the autumn and by this time next year… Try Spherocephalon(little green thru purple), Christophii(like fireworks in the borders) or for tall strong and a big purple head, try gladiator. As for the lawn rake it over with a wire rake(even better, get the boys to do it) and aply a good spring weed and feed. Happy days! summer just around the corner, best get your brolly out eh?

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