The Wrong Side?

Dante and Beatrice with the blessed souls
Engraving dating back to 1578.
This image is inspiring me at the moment. It is based on Beatrice taking Dante through Paradise.
I stitched the stars on a sheer organdie
 But unusually it’s the wrong side which is fascinating me… the back.
Whereas the front is perfect in it’s stitched form, it’s the wrong side that reminds me of life.
Chaotic, messy and with a mind of it’s own. Yet still I can see beauty in the wrong side.
The lady is Frederick Walkers design, for “The Woman In White”, 1871
There is something so beautiful about stars. They are full of mystery to me. They twinkle and sparkle but they also have connotations of Heaven and other worlds. I have seen some celestial maps on Ebay and cannot get them out of my mind. I keep putting off buying them, but still my mind returns to them. Not sure where this work is going, but I trust that it will evolve… 

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