Just the two of us

This was the beginning of my Saturday night. Well actually this was the third stile of the evening (third of about 15!) but I liked the look of this one best for a picture.
Hubby and I decided to go for a walk – just the two of us, whilst eldest daughter babysat. We took a flask and some treats and I had one of the lovliest evenings in a long time. Even though he made me walk for miles!
I took the camera and took some pictures of the bog-cotton, which shimmered in the sunlight. I listened to the stillness, and was surprised at how noisy the birds were.
I was mindful and of the moment, and felt a real sense of freedom up on the moors.
Sometimes I forget the beauty which is on my doorstep, and Saturday night made me appreciate the beautiful and often wild countryside which is so close. It was also so lovely to just be with my man, we had a laugh and It was lovely to be just wrapped up in each other. I miss that.
When we got home the little one was all snuggled up next to his sister on the settee. They had been watching the final of “Over the Rainbow”.
“If they had a competition for boys I would want to enter”, he informed us as he headed up for bed. We could then hear him singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, and we chuckled. He has a good voice. Watch out Dorothy.

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