A very belated thankyou… and copyright stuff.

Well I have just googled “skyblueseaskybluesea”, as you do, (well I occasionally do and I’ll reveal why later), and “skyblueseaskybluesea” and “The Mads Awards” and this website came up, and one of you lovely people nominated me for “Best Mad Blog for Family Fun”, and I didn’t even know. How rude you must think I am, if indeed you still read this blog, I’m not generally – well OK sometimes… but thankyou so much. I am very flattered.
I did vote for some of my faves, but didn’t realise that anyone had put this blog forward. Doh!

Anyway back to Google. It took me along time to save up for my website for skybluesea, many arts residencies I can tell you. One day as I was going through everything that comes up for “skybluesea” when you google it, I found another designer, who will remain nameless and really should know better, who had basically ripped off my website, even to the point of including the wire button bracelet, which I made, and forms part of my logo. She was contacted by my web designers and removed the bracelet logo, but all my metatags (don’t ask me – techy stuff to do with websites!), are still there even though her website still doesn’t contain much. The cheek!

Anyway I went to see a brilliant lawyer free of charge, through an organisation called Own-It who specialise in copyright and intellectual property rights, but the bottom line is it would cost loads to take her to court. So – big breaths and I let it go, but that’s why I occasionally check.


4 thoughts on “A very belated thankyou… and copyright stuff.

  1. Funny you mention this – I've just applied to trademark my 'little' company. I'm now very nervous (probably irrational paranoia) that I may have infringed someone's copyright and be made to stop using the name – thought I had to do it though in case someone registers it before me. Just waiting to hear if it's okay. Perhaps you should do the same – would certainly put a stop to this namesake of yours

  2. The funny thing is she was using her own name, but her site came up on Google because it contained the metatags from my site. Basically it was a copy of the layout of my website and logo, but with her name.If you hovered over any of her site with the mouse the "skybluesea" name would appear.Anyway Little Things your new website looks fab and I hope it all goes brilliantly for you.Thanks for the comments ladies x

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