How many cats does it take to make a tee-pee?

Answer : none, they are no use whatsoever and I get the sneeking suspicion that if mine could talk she would just rip my tee-pee making skills to shreds! She had such an air of disdain. Click pics to enlarge.
I have been working on a project in a local special school with Reception/Year one. The teachers had printed out a “How to make a tee-pee” sheet from IKEA which looked simple enough…however I proved to be just as inept at following them as I would have been if it were a chest of drawers.
 The first session in school was great and the children used permanent marker pens and fabric pens to draw onto the fabric.
I then brought it home and spent the best part of two hours trying to get it to stand up and for me to not keep being covered in a pile of material and have bamboo canes whacking me on the head every five minutes. TOP tip – get help. TOP tip two – from a person and not the cat. I have made tee-pees before but with a fixed base and they are much easier, however the beauty of this one is that it can be folded down for easy storage, with the fabric still attached, ( it is tied onto the canes inside with ribbon).
I have been back in school today and we have painted over the drawings with fabric paint and lots of water so that the colours really blend.
 Hopefully when I go back for the evaluation of the project I will get to see them in use.
There are also some amazing tee-pees for sale here, but how cool, if you can, to make your own!

6 thoughts on “How many cats does it take to make a tee-pee?

  1. That's the second mention of tee pees I've heard this week. Someone at work was talking about us taking a camping trip in one. There were a few faces pulled until she explained it was a luxury tee pee with a shower in it??? I believe they call it Glamping (glamorous camping). I figure, if you're going to camp then you have to do it properly – sleeping bags, long walk in the dark to the toilet, spiders and a primus stove!

  2. WrightStuff – Ooh Glamping sounds quite good to me! The walk to the loos and showers is always my least favourite bit (unless you have a major snorer in any tent nearby – that really is a killer!).TheMadHouse – To sew the tape on you need to find out where it hangs in relation to the canes,(at least with the instructions I was following),but because the fabric was quite heavy it was tricky – much easier with someone to hold the fabric whilst you mark where the tapes need to be stitched. I'm sure there is a much simpler way to do it somewhere, probably involving measuring :)Sarah – I'd love you to and we could drink Summer cocktails and discuss amongst other things, Etsy and why I haven't sold anything from there yet 😦 xxx

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