This isn’t just any Percy Pig…

This is …. Reversy Percy!

Ha ha, it really tickled me when I saw these.
(think I need to get out more…)

Percy Pigs are a favourite treat in our family and are normally devoured in minutes. They are soft gums made with fruit juice, very chewy, with jellied ears. Reversy Percy are similar but, you guessed it, chewy ears and jellied body!  It made me smile that someone who works for M&S has got a sense of humour. Ha ha Reversy Percy – ( however Percy Pigs are still my favourites, nice try).

7 thoughts on “This isn’t just any Percy Pig…

  1. TheMadHouse – glad I'm not the only one! I also tried about three times to comment on your lovely gardening post, but I could not publish my comment. Anyway, loved it.

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