Boys in the Trees

The boys and I have grand designs.
There is a beautiful sycamore tree at the bottom of our garden where eldest son seems to have spent so many lovely times climbing up, swinging from and generally hanging off.

  wheeeee!!!!! eldest son age about 5, on a home-made swing. How times pass – he was fourteen this week. (Happy Birthday you gorgeous teenage creature!).
We would really, really love a tree house…a den, a hideaway, a magic place for creating all sorts of adventures… a place to hide in. There are some great instructions for building one in The Dangerous Book for Boys, which could possibly be a great Summer holiday project for us.
I spied this one recently, slightly bigger than the one that we are planning to make, but I thought it looked great, and couldn’t resist taking a picture.
I also received this card recently, with a beautiful  grown -up looking tree house photo taken by Juliette Wade. Can you imagine escaping to somewhere like this on a balmy Summer’s evening? Ahem…but of course the tree house would be for the boys (well I can dream right?).
Perhaps I should just book myself into the tree house at Castle Cottage near Petworth.
Just hope my Tarzan will come with me.
Image of tree house at Castle Cottage, with thanks to Alison.

8 thoughts on “Boys in the Trees

  1. TheMadHouse – I bet the boys love playing in the woods.CrystalJigsaw – have just had a look at the website, and I remember seeing a programme about it on TV about six months ago – it looks amazing, and so child friendly, and I think part of the Harry Potter films were shot there.Will definitely plan a trip for the Summer.

  2. Is it wrong that I want a swing, I can't walk past a park without a quick go on one, I remember ned years ago always saying can we go home now mum and I was yeah just give mum 5 more minutes on the swing! :OHope you get your tree house and happy birthday to eldest son! xxx

  3. I think you wanting a swing is lovely – what's not to like? It makes me smile thinking of you "Just five more minutes ned!", I think it's fab – shows you're still young at heart x

  4. We don't have a treehouse but the husband built a fort for the kids a couple of years ago which they love. It has slides, fireman poles, walkways and a huge hidden den which they furnished. It's got electricity, a little drinks fridge and an old DVD player so it's a perfect hangout with their buddies!

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