Edge of Seventeen

In my last post I mentioned that my daughter had bought some more vinyl records. We bought her a record player for Christmas (see this post), and she snaffled lots of my old records. I find it so strange that when she came home on Saturday three of the albums she had chosen were three I used to own.
Suzanne Vega “Solitude Standing”
 I used to love Suzanne Vega as a melancholy teen, her voice is just really clear and fresh. I saw her in concert when I was about seventeen, with one of my bestest buddies, and she was amazing.
Billy Idol , “Vital Idol” – “White Wedding “, and “Hot In the City” ha, ha, this just makes me smile and remember happy teenage times.
Whitesnake, reminding me of trying to be a patchoulii wearing head-banger ( but I must have a weak neck – head banging no good for me!), and wearing this hand embroidered jacket which was aquired from an ex.
Guess who also now has this in her wardrobe and looks way better in it than I ever did? 
and finally an album which I never owned  – Stevie Nicks ” Bella Donna”, my daughters favourite song on this album is “Edge Of Seventeen” very apt… because she is.
A wall in her room – full of fashion and teenage inspiration, ” just like the white winged dove…”
wonder where life will take her?

8 thoughts on “Edge of Seventeen

  1. She sounds so lovely, you're obviously doing an amazing job. Teenage years are terribly exciting yet daunting at the same time, but often we have musical inspiration to get us through those confusing times.CJ xx

  2. TheMadHouse – how fantastic – I bet the boys will love it when they are older.CrystalJigsaw – Amazing name!Thanks for the comment … teenage years are soooo tricky all angst and excitement rolled into one

  3. wow – it's so interesting isn't it? I used to listen to susan Vega. My daughter is also on the edge of 17 and the other day she asked me what music I used to listen to and then immediatley got it up on i-tunes (or whatever it is:) . I felt a wave of nostalgia as I listened to all this music just prior to, and at uni, and how life has gone on and changed so much since then. and here she is going to gigs and markets and hanging with friends and making art. Oh, I wish I was still doing that to the same degree sometimes, but my life is so different now! I guess it would have to be, 20 years has passed since then . . . . She looks a lovely girl, I bet you are so proud of her.Amelia.x

  4. Thanks for the comment Amelia – I am really proud of her.I think maybe it's something of their carefreeness we hanker after – I miss the spontaneity sometimes, but life moves on and before you know it you are writing about things that happened twenty years ago!

  5. I can't believe your daughter is into vinyl records – I was thinking of chucking all mine so maybe I'll hold on to them after all! Having said that, it would have been a bit of a wrench getting rid of them – they bring back too many memories of lounging in my bedroom with my friends listening to Duran Duran, Culture Club, Wham….sigh….

  6. Ah vinyl… those were the days eh? Funnily enough Blur just released their new single on vinyl – only 1000 copies I think. They are already selling on ebay for £200+

  7. muummmmeeeee – Definitely hold on to it, it's funny isn't it the things that interest them – vinyl – who knew!WrightStuff – That's really interesting about Blur, I wonder if any other bands will follow?

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