Six things…

A list of six things which have made me happy this weekend:

1. Watching my son play football with his team yesterday (in the sun).
2. Having flowers in the house from out of the garden.

3. The daughter coming home from a shopping spree in town with more vintage vinyl, which never fails to make me smile, “Look four albums for £4.00 mum!” (will post more about these beauties later).
4. Going out for a pub tea last night with friends and their gorgeous 20 month old son and catching up on all their news.
5. A rainbow drawn for me by my little one at the meal mentioned above.

6.  Sewing!! Ages ago in this post I stripped my inspiration wall, well this weekend saw me finally get my act  together and I started putting some of my sea worn pottery, some hand stitch samples and other bits together. It’s a step.

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