Winner of Girlfriend Giveaway

Well are you ready? I am so excited I have borrowed my little ones Kid Zoom Pro Camera (which is fab!), and we have done a little video!  I am going to add it to its a mummys life’s little-film-club  under the category of “excitement!”.

So to confirm, in case you didn’t understand any of the giddyness above :

We picked two winners : a necklace to Audrey H at a bookmark to

I will be in touch and sorry I couldn’t make something for everyone!


7 thoughts on “Winner of Girlfriend Giveaway

  1. Congrats winners!! :)I'm yet to make a video for the little film club! I'm hoping Oli does something cute throughout the day which I can video & use!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Got to you via the film club. Well done winners and well done you, that was a great first little film, it's harder than it looks to get it right, I need loads of practice:) Jen.

  3. Jen: Thanks for positive feedback, I'm glad you could see itIt's a Mummy's Life: Oh no gutted you can't see it! I will have to find someone techy to see if they can help.

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