Are we nearly there yet?

Snapped from the car (again), but this time I do actually get out and we (me, hubby and little one) go for a walk…

We are really lucky where we live, this beautiful reservoir is only ten minutes drive away and yet I can be in the hustle and bustle of Manchester in half an hour. When we started walking it was just drizzling with rain a little, but by the end we all did very good impressions of drowned rats. Really exhilarating all the same.

We stumbled upon this little tree which someone had decorated for Easter, much to the little ones delight.
                      So thank you to whoever decorated it, you added to the lovliness of our walk.
Into the woods (no not the woods!} for some shelter.
I love these trees, they are so imposing. We also saw another family in the woods playing hide and seek with their dog. So funny.
“are we nearly there yet mum?”
“yeah, just around the next corner” (well with probably another half a mile to walk).
Hope the Easter bunny visits you all x

4 thoughts on “Are we nearly there yet?

  1. Ooh look at all that lovely weather :)We got a tree like that in our garden, but the wind has blown the eggs all around the branches in a proper tangle! Happy Easter to you. The bunny has been this way, but he promised you were on his route!

  2. TheMadHouse : I know it was such a surprise!WrightStuff : All the chocolate monsters are ready and waiting in this house.planb : they are majestic and I can totally understand what you mean.

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