Birthday Wishes

Yesterday was this lovely ladies 81st birthday. I cooked a birthday lunch and she had a lovely time opening presents and being around her grandchildren. She is completely adored by us all.
She has bronchitis at the moment, and really isn’t her usual self. Her best friend since the age of eleven died a few weeks ago and I think it is only just sinking in.
Life is a funny old thing, and it’s really hard to get your head around it at times.

I love this photo of us together. It was taken on my wedding day, and the thing that makes it incredibly special is that I am wearing my mum’s wedding dress. I remember age about fifteen finding it in a wardrobe whilst staying at my dad’s one weekend. I came down the stairs in it and his eyes welled up, “you look just like your mother,” were his words to me. I phoned mum up and asked her if I could bring it home. She said “yes”.  We washed it, and cooed over it and she told me how at the time it had been a very expensive dress and that my dad had bought it for her from Kendals in Manchester.

It is now wrapped in tissue, tucked away, full of it’s memories. I wonder if it will be worn again?

Anyway Happy Birthday mum- she knows I am writing this and seems to like the idea of blogging.


9 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Why then you may also have a tear in your eye, and think of a day in the future when you might be walking her down the aisle…Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Wow, what a powerfull image of you and your mum on your wedding day. The pensive look on your face and the way your mum is looking at you very intense. This picture has a very strong 1950's feel, very glamorous in an understated way. Isnt it sad that the strength of body can not keep up with the strength of soul. Heres wishing that your mum can share her grandaughters wedding day, many, many happy returns!

  3. Wow, what a fab picture of you and your mum. Its very glamorous in an understated way, almost 1950/60's kind of old money americana, up at the Hamptons sort of vibe. The looks on your faces speak of hope,fear,loss,new beginings and matter what. Very powerful. Isnt it a heartbreak that power of body deminishes so much sooner than power of spirit. Heres wishing your mum many, many happy returns, and the prospects of standing beside you and your daughter on her wedding day.

  4. These are beautiful pictures – your post has really moved me. I wish you and your mum many more happy days together. How lovely that you both wore her dress – that is truly special. M x

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