Birthday Butterflies

I bought these with some birthday money from Royal Buffet.
I love their delicacy and the fact that they are made from recycled paper.
They are now twisting and turning their glitter tipped wings in my hallway, along with my new bargain frames from ‘The Range’. The picture saying “Suze” was a birthday present painted by my daughter. Priceless.

My own painting and drawing has lapsed. I have several orders on the go (which is fab), and have been doing lots of artist -in- schools work, but I simply haven’t got the energy to do any drawing as well. Hopefully will manage to do some over the Easter hols.


12 thoughts on “Birthday Butterflies

  1. love the paper butterflies! And particularly the fact they are recycled. I have been making paper dolls at the weekend with youngest out of magazines, paper and card – such fun was had! (well, I had fun).Hope you get to do some more making over easter – I know this feeling when you get caught up in work things. I'm hoping my art e-course will also make me make alongside everyone else! :)Thanks for your comment on my blog.Amelia.x

  2. Amelia – it's madness being creative! I am constantly searching for balance and sometimes you just have to know that you can't do everything (my mind wants to though!)

  3. Love the butterflies – I could definitely do with some of them in my dream-conservatory-that-one-day-will-be-built! (ps. Looks like you've got some artistic competition in the family – your daughter's picture is gorgeous)

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