Stoopid is as stoopid does.

Last week was slightly stressful because my darling husband lost my keys.
He borrowed my car, came home, and when I went to use my car the following day the keys ( house, car, mum’s house etc.) were not on the key hook (quite organised a key hook for me!).
I phoned him to ask where he had put them and in his usual laid back manner he said, “Oh they’ll be around somewhere,”
Not really what I am wanting to hear when I am on my way to take the kids to school, but I found my spare car key and front door key, so it wasn’t too traumatic.
I do hate it when my things are lost though and for the rest of the week those keys have been there at the back of my mind, and I have looked everywhere for them.
Anyway, on to today. I was working from home today and got a call from my mum this morning asking if I could take her to Asda. Not a problem, so I pick her up and on the way into the store I call and get some petrol.
Except I didn’t put petrol in my car I put £15.00 worth of DIESEL in there.
 I knew just as I was putting the whatever it’s called back into the pump, and the horror (no expense) of the situation swept over me.
I knew, I knew because I’ve done it before!!! about eight years ago, but nevertheless… I knew NOT to start the engine, so that was a blessing. I felt so, so silly, and sick at the thought of how much money my mistake would cost me.
I went to the kiosk and the lady there was really lovely. She let me use the phone to call the highway rescue company we belong to. They said because we were such “valued” members someone could come out and drain my car for the DISCOUNTED price of £220.00 ( including ten pounds petrol, bless).
The lady at the kiosk meanwhile was motioning at me not to use them, and gave me another local number to call who would tow the car away, drain it and would charge £63.00. Result. So obviously I did that.
Mum and I got a taxi home, I phoned hubby, got a bit emotional, but after a while I calmed down and got on with work until they phoned to say my car was ready.
When I went to pick it up the mechanic said, “there’s one key, and here are some others we found under the bonnet of your car. “
My keys!! Thank goodness. Under the bonnet – yes well let’s just say hubby and I are even.

Feel in need of a little lie down in front of the telly tonight watching  this and this.
It could have been worse 🙂

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