Dang, blast and set fire to it I have a stinker of a cold and it is driving me nuts.
I have boiled up the carcass from our roast chicken, for about an hour and a half, to make chicken noodle soup.
It is so easy and I have read various different articles saying it’s really good for you.

I add carrots, an onion, a bay leaf, Marigold stock powder, garlic and any fresh herbs I can get my hands on, then add noodles near the end. I have also found that adding a dash of tabasco gives it an extra kick.

I will burn some eucalyptus oil, take some Vitamin C, and hope and pray I feel better tomorrow because I am working.

When I am on the mend I will book an acupuncture session with some of my birthday money. I have one every now and again, almost like an MOT for me. I think it is the weirdest thing – on my first session the lovely Chinese Doctor said, “I’m going to make pin cushion out of you!” with a little smile. He did, and it’s not the most pleasing of feelings, but I do find that after a couple of days my energy levels rise and I feel more able to cope with what life throws at me.

What do you do to get yourself through a cold (fast)? Any tips greatly appreciated.


8 thoughts on “Atchoo!!!

  1. Sorry to hear you feel poorly. Acupuncture should do it – get that Qi flowing – it does it for me. My acupuncturist has given me these Chinese herbs which I have to overdose on at the first sniffle. I'm a bit of a cynic usually but they really work. I can't read Chinese or I would tell you what they're called. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. fresh ginger chopped up, with fresh lemon, with boiled water in a cup and if you can bear it a bit of chopped garlic and a teaspoon of honey to sweeten – works every time. Hope you feel better.Amelia.x

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