Creative Partnerships Project One

Detail from child’s artwork

Friday was my last day working in a local school with a Year 5 class. I started the project in January and had six days spread out over a period of weeks to work with the children, plus planning time with the teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed the project and the teacher, T.A., pupils and myself worked really well together as a team.

The aim of the project was to give the children new creative experiences.They tried cyanotype, silk-painting, fabric-painting, stencilling, masking, weaving and lots of different hand embroidery techniques. They also had to reflect on what they had done, what was challenging, what they enjoyed, and any surprises. They then got the chance to re-visit any techniques.

They were asked to design textiles based on the theme of the Victorians and Human Rights. We had research sessions where the children accessed the Internet and lots of different books and they found out about the jobs some Victorian children had to do (e.g. trappers in the mines and chimney sweeps). They also looked at child labour in some countries today and the UNICEF website.Once they had done their research they split into three groups each representing three very different ideas that they had come up with.
Click images to see their amazing hand stitch detail.

   Text inspired by interior of a Workhouse.
Apron based on Victorian Child’s sampler.
Numbers represent UNISEF articles on children’s human rights.
I am so proud of the powerful, thought provoking responses they came up with, bearing in mind they are 9 and 10 years of age. It was a pleasure to work with them and I know the experience will impact on my own creative work.


3 thoughts on “Creative Partnerships Project One

  1. kids always produce such interesting work, and it makes me wonder what I would produce if I didn't have to think about whether or not I will sell it – ho hum!Amelia.x

  2. Thanks for such positive comments Amelia. I was blown away by the children's depth of understanding, and it was so lovely to have the opportunity to be involved in a project that really got them thinking. Would love to hook up next time I'm in London.

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