A little bit of stitched sunshine

Here is a picture of the latest issue of Embroidery Magazine with the amazing work of Abigail Brown gracing the cover.

 I contacted her and she very kindly allowed me to show off some of her exquisite birds.
I think that the detail on them is amazing, and really admire the fact that the fabrics she uses are recycled garments. Her work has real charm and is just the thing to cheer you up on a chilly Spring day. She is doing amazingly well and has had some fantastic commissions. So very inspiring.
You can see more of her work here
In 2006 my name ( and some of my work) appeared in “Embroidery” magazine..

I was compelled to write about a subject which fascinated me, and I e-mailed my thoughts to the Editor. After a little tweaking it was published!
The article, ironically, was on – drum roll – blogging!
I loved reading a few craft blogs, and thought they were so inspiring, and I seriously thought “I need to write about this”. I did not blog myself at the time – I used to think I would have nothing of interest to say. When I started my silversmith course I thought it seemed like a good time to start writing one, and I have to say I now love it. I thought that the blogs I read were almost like on-line sketchbooks, and feel that my blog is also a great way for me to try things out and see what really makes me tick.

I have not been compelled to write about anything else and get it published since. It was a complete one-off, but I’m so glad I did it.

3 thoughts on “A little bit of stitched sunshine

  1. Those birds are fantastic, but they scare me a little (I am not a bird fan)!I think it is wonderful that you have been published. I love blogs, they are just like journals, scrapbooks and magazine articales all rolled in to one.

  2. TheMadHouse: I know what you mean, some birds can freak me out a bit if they come too close, but not these, I just think they are so charming. I agree about blogs – it'a a bit like having your own magazine!Heather: I know – utterly amazing!

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