Cheers Big Ears!

As we say Up North
Three images to share with you which sum up today…
Image from American Gum packet
                                                                      Need I say more?
I have had a lovely bath and have been contemplating my navel
( both literally and metaphorically!). I have read some brilliant, thought provoking posts this week here, here and here, and I keep going over them in my mind.
Tonight is the last night I will be 41, let’s see what waking up at 42 feels like tomorrow.

Loving my light up ice-cubes. They make everything seem happier, even though it looks from the photos like I must be drinking some radio active liquid 🙂

8 thoughts on “Cheers Big Ears!

  1. thank you for mentioning my friendship post. and HaPpY bIrThDay! for tomorrow. 42 sounds like a good age to be- don't know why it just has a good evenness to the numbers! enjoy it. Hope you have a lovely day x x xP.S. How can anything be bad when your drink glows? AWESOME!

  2. Thank you so much ladies – I have had a lovely day and your comments have made me smile and are the icing on my birthday cake!The light up ice cubes were from (sometimes you can also get them from Ebay and TK Maxx.I bought mine for my 40th, and they are still going strong!

  3. hey, hope 42 is the answer to life the universe and everything!! so long as you didnt wake up with too bad a head cos the last time i drank somthing that glowed….well lets just say it wasnt pretty! have a great year and hope the craft goes from strength to strength. I Love what you do, keep it up. Big up the northern massive! hehe.

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