Bon Voyage…

I have just waved my daughter off – she is going on a college skiing trip to the French Alps for a week. I will miss her but know she will have a fantastic time. I just hope she keeps safe.

I will miss listening to her playing the piano.
We were so lucky, when she was nine my friend gave us her piano because she no longer used it and wanted the space. We were thrilled and my daughter started having lessons, it was amazing to see her improve, especially as no-one else in the family plays. She really loves it, and one of my favourite things is listening to her, it fills the house with something magical.

I bought her this little journal for Christmas from Paperchase, it is gorgeous with room for dreams, thoughts and photos. It has gone to France with her and I hope it comes back filled with adventures!


4 thoughts on “Bon Voyage…

  1. What a lovely journal! Hope your daughter has a great time (it's guaranteed really isn't it!)Just us poor old mums that don't have such a great time for missing them :Pxxx

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