not forgetting baby number two…

I did these today – my work in school this morning was cancelled so I got out my stuff (lie: were still on kitchen table because I hadn’t tidied them up from yesterday), and had a play.

This was inspired by a photo taken of my little chap when he was just a few days old. It really makes me smile looking at him amongst the piles of pillows and cushions, like another little textile bundle. All of my children are special , but baby number two unlocked something inside me – it was after having him that I suddenly realised that I wanted to try setting up my own business as a freelance artist. Really small steps, trying to work it around the children.
 He was the lovliest little baby, really content and lovely company – my little pal – maybe because I was more relaxed because it was my second time, who knows. He is now thirteen (need I say more), and we do lock horns more often than I would like, but he can still blow me away with his thoughtfulness, and the words “would you like a cup of tea mum?” are music to my ears.
 Sitting in the car in Southport

2 thoughts on “not forgetting baby number two…

  1. Such cuties. I've been feeling really broody lately. Perhaps it is because my sister is expecting twins. I asked her if I could have one, but for some reason she wasn't so keen on the idea!

  2. Just been looking at the posts with these drawings. What a talent, they're amazing. I love drawing, but could only dream of doing something like this. I'm pants at faces, be it male or female, young or old, I draw the same face every time!!! :Pxxx

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