Chubby chops!

Ok here goes… drawing of baby number three, taken from photo, using charcoal, graphite and pencil.
Drawing before I cropped it complete with smudgey thumb print!

Watercolor sketch of me with baby number one – I completely botched the face, hated it, and so have cropped it. This was taken from a photograph of me in hospital after I had given birth to my first baby. I was completely overwhelmed that this little bundle was mine.

Goodness knows why I am doing pictures of babies – I do not, repeat not, desire another one ( but they are so gorgeous, and smell divine, and make my heart skip a beat…). I had better do a pic of baby number two sharpish or his middle child, teenage nose will  be pushed seriously out of place.

Not quite as stress relieveing as bashing copper and silver, but I am glad I have done something.

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