Looking backwards to move forwards…

One of my favourite quotes as mentioned before is:
“Look not mournfully into the past it comes not again. Wisely improve the present. It is thine.”, Longfelllow.

Looking back over this blog it seems like my life is predominated by my past, but I hope that I am not “looking mournfully”, but rather reflecting on the past in a positive way.
Now that my silvermithing couse isn’t running, I think I am going to use the slot of time to pick up my drawing and painting.

This is an acrylic/mixed media painting which I made as a pressie for one of my friends. It is of her daughter. I was totally inspired by her outfit and wanted to create something that reflected the patterns and colour. It is tiny approx 9cms x 12 cms .
This is a watercolour sketch based on an image of women bathing in the River Ganges. I did it eons ago – and when I look at it now all these years later I think, I should try and do more. So on Monday I will start! There I have actually committed to doing some painting and I hope you will tell me off if I don’t!

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