Go on … I dare you

Ooh do you like my moody photograph?
This is a picture I bought for my hubby a few years back, It’s by a company called temporary measure .
It’s called ” a list of reasons to dive in…”

 I just love the wording (click to enlarge), it was very apt for us both at the time, and made me smile when I saw it in the shop.
The artists who make them can also do personalised canvases, and all manner of other gorgeous stuff.

 I once read somewhere that you should try and do something that puts you out of your comfort zone every year, because of the sense of achievement you feel when you have done it.
A few years back I was invited to go to America ( all expenses paid) for a week on an exchange for artists who specialise in work within the Early Years Curriculum. Three other artists were also invited to go. I was really flattered but scared to death and tried to put all manner of obstacles in my way to prevent me from going. I hate flying and had never left the children before.
Any worry I had my husband had got the perfect solution. He (amazingly) was off the week when I was due to go and was more than happy to look after the children. My friends were very encouraging, “If you don’t go you’re a baby!”, my oldest friend joked, “What an opportunity”, other friends said.

So I went. I was terrified, hated the flights, cried because I missed my babies… but had one of the best experiences of my life! I shared a room with the funniest lady I have ever met, and she is now one of my closest friends. It was an experience I suppose a bit like “Big Brother”, and we forged a really strong bond, because of the intensity of the situation and the time we spent together. I am so glad that I went.

Another friend of mine went skydiving (yikes!) last year, she was so nervous, but did it and wants to do it again!

Would love to hear if anyone is planning to do, or has done, anything that pushes them out of their comfort zone!


2 thoughts on “Go on … I dare you

  1. For me it is certainly giving up a well-paid job to become a freelancer instead. I am now also saleswoman, accountant, payroll, marketing and goodness knows what other roles wil pop up! I'm loving it but it still scares the hell out of me!

  2. I think we all aspire to be more than we are and we're never going to manage that if we don't leave our comfort zone. I so badly wanted to be the kind of person who could bungee or skydive so I became that person and went for it. Can't say I enjoyed the bungee jump – bloody horrible experience – but fab to know I had the courage (or stupidity) to do it!

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