In one of my very first posts I included a blueprint (cyanotype) of my dad.
It is a technique which I discovered years ago and really loved, and it has re-surfaced because of a project which I am doing in a school. I am working with a Year 5 class, and I am helping the teacher with her creative professional development. We are exploring lots of different textile techniques, and then will be choosing some to express the class views on Human Rights issues, comparing Victorain times and today.
 The process of blueprinting is really simple and the children find it magical. Light sensitive fabric or paper is used. The children place objects (cut out paper, found objects,photographic negatives) onto the fabric, it is then taken outside into daylight and hopefully after a while (10 mins on a sunny day, much longer on a cloudy day), the objects can be removed and you are left with a silhouette on the fabric.

The fabric is then rinsed, and rinsed and rinsed, and the fabric is left to dry.
This is using a fern leaf from my garden. I have added running stitch.
  This is a print from a necklace which someone bought me when I was 18, and some table confetti.
Flowers from my garden
I love the fact that the blueprints leave this ethereal image, a celebration of something which has existed, but has now gone. I also am fascinated by colour therapy  – dark blue is supposed to symbolise: confidence, intuition, loyalty, reliability, tranquility and wisdom, whilst light blue is supposed to symbolise:  affection, communication, creativity, devotion, honesty and peace. These were all in mind when I produced the print of my dad.
I have loads more images to share, but will save them for another day. Have a lovely weekend.

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