Family Inspiration

The above picture, which I used in the embroidery from my last post, is of my mum. She is the artist in the centre of the picture with the dark hair. The picture was taken when she was about 17, and at art college. She spent three years there (she got a scholorship) being taught about perspective, architecture, life-drawing, script writing (lettering), still-life, anatomy, plus endless other skills.She was then told by her mother that she had to leave and earn some money, and so she missed her final year.

Growing up I have clear memories of her pictures all lined up, to be exhibited locally. I also vividly remember the smell of turps and the oil paints she used. Pictures would be left for days to dry before she could put another coat of paint on. I remember as a teenager, pouting when she tried to help me with my own art work, being in turn incredibly frustrated, and then elated when I finally understood what she meant. She was, and still is a massive inspiration. She taught art for over twenty years at night school, and has recently (age 80), joined the local art circle, which she attends every week and does watercolour paintings and pen and ink sketches.

Me age 9, by mum
My daughter age 15, by me
My mum’s technical drawings abilities are far superior to mine, she does the old cross-hatching stuff brilliantly. I used to love drawing and think that this is the year to get stuck in and do more.

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