Washed Up Old Relics

I love my postman (not literally). He is so kind and helpful, and goes out of his way to get any parcels to me.
Todays goodies consisted of these beautiful ocean smoothed pottery pieces, washed up in  the ‘Cromarty Shipping Forecast Area’,well worn by the sands and seas of the North East coast of Scotland. I have never been to Cromarty, but I have been to the Isle of Skye. The above picture was taken seven years ago, and
you can see how beautiful and wild this particular beach was. I would love to spend more time by the sea.

 I love the fact that these little pieces have been collected by a couple as they are walking along the beach near their home. I love the history attached to them – where are they from, what’s their story?
 I picked one up to show my husband, “Just look at it,” I said to my husband, “it symbolises everything I love about skybluesea,” I was feeling particularly poetic today.
” a washed up relic,”, was his reply. Ha ha, aren’t we the funny one.
I picked one that I think will look lovely on my textile piece. It’s almost like a ceramic version of my painted fabric. I am trying not to buy any new fabrics, and instead want to try and use up the ones I have (even the really horrible ones, which this was, but I painted over it so you can only see glimpses of it).
It’s nearly finished, I just need to decide how to display it – I need a lovely old frame, or maybe I will stretch it over something instead.
Mr.Postman also brought me this, a ‘new with tags’ organic cotton tee from good old Ebay. It reads:
“Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will fill it”. How very apt for me at the moment.
Have a lovely weekend.

4 thoughts on “Washed Up Old Relics

  1. ooooh now, that quote is so apt for me right now as I go round and round in my mind with what to do next . . . . maybe I should do nothing for a while and see what materialises.The pottery pieces are lovely – I like worn things with a history.Amelia.x

  2. You've grown a lot in seven years! Sorry (bad joke – one glass of wine and I resort to terrible humour!).When I was a kid we were always finding broken pieces of pottery in our garden. We lived in a new build on the site of an old park, so I never understood where they came from, perhaps they were delivered in the topsoil?I love anything like this with a sense of history about it and a story to tell. On Kelly Rae's blog today she shows some heart shaped stones she found – and a red heart shaped piece of sea glass – seriously, who finds those? I think she faked that one!!http://kellyraeroberts.blogspot.com/2010/01/inspiration-gratitude.html

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