At Last!

Finally, after what seems like months of struggling, I think my creative mojo has finally re-surfaced.
I have spent the morning just playing on my sewing machine with loads of fabrics, with no particular output in mind, just me, fabrics, thread and the machine.
It seems ages since I have really wanted to focus on my textiles, but suddenly there is light at the end of the tunnel and I can think about sewing again.
I have sewn from being a little girl, and when I did textiles at secondary school I completely got hooked on the sewing machine. I did an art foundation course after my A’levels, and decided to specialise in textiles for my degree. I did Embroidery at Manchester and although I enjoyed it, it left me creatively drained. Every now and then the same thing happens and a creativity block is not uncommon for me. It becomes a real challenge for me to create (new work), and it frustrates me to the core. I just have to aknowledge the feeling and know that it will eventually pass, but when your creativity is your work and not just a hobby it can really throw you off balance. Anyway It’s over – phew (for now), and I will relish getting all my ideas down over the next few weeks, and will post some pics soon.
I would also like to thank all-the-wright-stuff you have really inspired me with your blog and your musings.


One thought on “At Last!

  1. Hey you're welcome! So glad I'm inspiring you, I feel all warm inside now! I know what you mean about the inspiration thing. Right now I'm struggling with writing but painting is doing OK, then it will switch. As long as I'm doing something creative I shouldn't complain. I need to save it all for work at the moment as I'm trying to pull together creative ideas for a senior management roadshow for a bank.

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